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Our Services - Dorado Living has everything you need in one place. Permanent Residence 24/7.

Home Nurse Making Bed

Permanent Residence 24/7

We offer familiar treatment and personalized services, with comprehensive and individualized attention, seeking that each Resident receives the most appropriate care for their needs. We put at your disposal a whole team of professionals, doctors, nurses, psychologists, therapists, among others.


Day Care Services

We take care of your loved ones, while you can run your errands. We have schedules that fit your needs.

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse
Grandmother and Grandson

Short Stay Services

The Short-Term Care Program offers support to families and caregivers who take responsibility for an individual with special needs at home.

Our short-term stay is perfect when family members and caregivers are on vacation, on business trips, require a short break, or if your loved one needs extra help after a hospital visit or during illness.

Farmers Selling Vegetables


Always connected with nature, we have an area for a home garden, farm and an extensive recreational program for all our residents.
We promote the best assisted living experience.


Woman at Farmers Market
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